Recycling and Reusing Cast Iron

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Cast iron skillets are a staple of life in the south and the midwest. They are carefully seasoned, cared for, and passed down from generation to generation. Cast iron skillets are a staple family heirloom. However, everything has an expiration date. Cast iron is no exception, even though it is built to last. It’s still subject to wear and weathering.

It’s Time

There are a few instances where the damage to a skillet is terminal. If it’s been used to contain anything hazardous, it’s probably best to let it go. Any pan that has been used in the garage instead of the kitchen is usually a substantial risk. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to wash it. Scratches will hold trace amounts of your old contents. Holes that have been made deliberately or over time as it’s rusted away means it’s time. Likewise, cracks that occur in regular use will expand and contract as you use the skillet, which is a hazard. At some point, it will crack entirely, and you don’t want to be using it then.

Because we get attached to our skillets, it’s easy to lose perspective about an object as a tool. You need a tool to perform, and any appliance that isn’t performing should probably be replaced. This is true for skillets that may appear fine, but any warp or wobble in your pan is going to make cooking difficult. While a wobble in the pan may not be prohibitive from cooking on the stove, it will surely make it harder than it needs to be.

Ready to Let go?

The good news is that cast iron can be recycled and reused. Scrap Mart Metals can find a new use for your old skillet. Not only that, but we recycle other materials as well. For more information on the types of recycling we do, visit us online here. When you’re ready to donate your cast iron, Scrap Mart Metals will be here for you.