IMP Zero-Waste Audit: How You Can Benefit

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Companies with a zero-waste strategy understand the advantages of going above and beyond regular recycling. A zero-waste initiative focuses on creating a cycle of reducing and reusing products and by-products within your business. An IMP Zero-Waste audit benefits your company by lowering loss value from your waste flow and opening up new revenue streams. It also helps the environment by decreasing landfill waste and C02 emissions.

What Is Zero-Waste?

Commercially and industrially, zero-waste is the repurposing of all material from designing a product to manufacturing. Its goal is to eliminate waste without burying, burning, or putting it in a landfill or incinerator — all of which contaminates our land, water, and air.

What Is An IMP Zero-Waste Audit?

An IMP Zero-Waste audit analyzes a company’s regular scrap or waste life cycle. This evaluation allows us to pinpoint operational inefficiencies or the lost value of items that can be recovered, recycled, and resold.

What Are Some Benefits Of An IMP Zero-Waste Audit?

Having recurring zero-waste audits lets your employees and consumers know that your company takes its corporate social responsibility towards the environment seriously. These ongoing waste audits also benefit companies by:

  • Lowering Waste Costs – If a good percentage of what is considered trash can be reused or repurposed, then your future waste removal costs will be relatively lower. Yearly, how much could your company save?
  • Revealing New Revenue Streams – One company’s “garbage” can be another’s organization’s manufacturing needs and your new revenue stream. If you are recovering enough volume or weight, this untapped revenue could be a game-changer for your business.
  • Improving Operation Efficiency – A company’s waste stream can show how efficient your operations are towards your operating costs. Waste audits can make business decisions more manageable as you will have accurate data to guide you in negotiations or other operational efforts.

Scrap Mart’s IMP Zero-Waste Audit helps companies with their waste-reduction efforts. Our analysis allows your business to lessen operation inefficiencies while reducing costs and opening up new revenue streams. Increased productivity, protecting the environment, and strengthening a company’s bottom line result from ongoing waste audits.

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