Scrap Iron Prices: Factors To Consider

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Scrap iron prices can be hard to determine, bearing in mind that there are many factors that affect them. The changes in the scrap iron prices could go down at times or go up at other periods, depending on the factors at play. You might have a hard time tracking down such changes, especially when you have other responsibilities such as a salaried job or running a business. This is why you may opt to consult the best scrap management services like Scrap Mart for the best scrap iron prices.

Factors That Affect Scrap Iron Prices


Given that scrapyards can’t fully carry out the processing and recycling of the scrap iron, the scrap iron has to be transported to a different location for processing. Therefore, if the distance between the point of processing and recycling and the scrapyard where you sell your scrap is long, the scrap iron prices will be low. If the distance is shorter, the prices may be higher. Additionally, if your residential city’s cost of carrying out business is higher, there are chances of getting lower prices.


Selling corroded scrap iron to your local scrapyard could lead to lower pricing since it will take time to clean it in preparation for processing and recycling. Therefore, to attract higher prices, you are advised to carry out the cleaning yourself before taking it to the scrapyard for sale.

Supply and demand

Just like any other commodity in the market, scrap iron prices are affected by demand and supply. When the demand is high, the prices have an upward trend and vice versa.

International trade/markets

Countries like China and India are reported to influence scrap metal pricing due to their huge scrap metal imports. For instance, if these countries have a greater demand for scrap iron, its prices will rise.

Quantity supplied

Depending on the amount, the pricing will be different. When large amounts are involved, the scrap iron prices will be higher compared to when small amounts are involved. In the case where your organization or company has a zero-waste initiative, you might consider contacting Scrap Mart.


The amount paid as tax for imports or exports of the scrap iron in a particular country could also affect the scrap iron price in that given country. In cases where the import tariffs are high, scrap companies will be forced to source domestically.

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