Aluminum Cans

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You may already make recycling your aluminum cans part of your routine. Americans recycle roughly two-thirds of the aluminum cans that they use. What many don’t know is that these cans can put money in your pocket. At Scrap Mart Metals, we will pay for your cans.

Scrap Mart Metals Makes It Easy

At Scrap Mart Metals, we pride ourselves on giving the highest payouts for recycled goods. If your aluminum cans are piling up, or if you’ve been delaying a trip to the recycling center, consider turning to Scrap Mart Metals to get rid of your recyclables and turn them into cash.

The process of recycling with Scrap Mart Metals is so easy that you don’t even have to leave your car. Once you arrive at our facility, a friendly staff member will weigh your cans from the drive-thru. Staff will take care of unloading your recyclables, and then you’ll be paid on the spot. It’s a quick process that ends with you having less waste to worry about and more money!

Recycling Aluminum Cans

If you’ve already gone through the trouble of sorting your aluminum cans from your trash and other recyclables, then you’re already a step closer to getting paid. While it’s nice to get rewarded for recycling, it’s also nice to know that recycling cans does a lot of good for the environment too.

In a landfill, cans can take up space for hundreds of years. When recycled, however, aluminum cans can be quite useful. Within 60 days of being recycled, an aluminum can can become a new can with a new beverage.

If you have aluminum cans to recycle in the area of Jonesburg, Pevely, or Valley Park, Missouri, consider bringing them to one of our Scrap Mart Metals locations. We make the recycling process quick and easy, and we will pay you the most in the area. For more information about how Scrap Mart Metals can turn your scrap into cash, contact us at (636) 256-7400