Scrap Metal Prices – All You Need To Know

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Our scrap metal prices are among the best you can get. Do you have scrap metal lying around on your property? If yes, there is a way to get rid of the junk and earn money through it. Bring your scrap metal to us at Scrap Mart Metal. We recycle scrap metal and offer you top dollar for it. We have scrapyards in Valley Park, Jonesburg, and Pevely, where we turn your trash into treasure.

Why Sell Your Scrap Metal To Us

We are a long-established direct-mill dealer of ferrous and non-ferrous material in Missouri. The world has a lot of discarded waste polluting the environment. We recycle harmful scrap metal and machinery into functional components and pay you for it.

Scrap Metal Prices

You can turn in the materials lying around at our local scrapyards for pricing. The prices according to the item and the metal it’s made out of.

It is important for retailers such as farmers, contractors and small business owners to get a balance of efficient service and competitive pricing. We pay top dollar for your scrap metals whether they are ferrous or non-ferrous. Our pricing makes us stand out in the industry, which is doubled up by safe and timely pickups.

Prices vary across various types of scrap metals with copper and brass fetching relatively higher prices than other metals. Since prices tend to vary depending on market factors, we urge you to call us and request an estimate. We provide drive-on-scale meaning that you don’t have to come to our yard to weigh your scrap metals.

Scrap metal prices keep changing so ensure you contact us to make an inquiry on the prices of various scrap metals. We take scraps including but not limited to iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, car batteries, and electronic wastes.

We can give you more accurate and updated prices when you call us or bring your items in. Come to our drive-thru for non-ferrous metals and our drive-on scale for ferrous metals. If you are curious about Scrap Metal prices or want to know more about selling your scrap metal, contact us today. Call us at (636) 256-7400 or visit any of our three convenient locations at Valley ParkJonesburg, or Pevely.