Metal Recycling Near Me

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Looking for scrap metal recycling near me? Look no further than Scrap Mart Metals!

Of all the recyclable items, metals are valuable in terms of quality and payment. And, there are numerous types of metal available.. It’s ideal to know the kind of metal that can be recycled and where the process takes place to get the deserving payment. If you’re located in Valley ParkJonesburg, or Pevely, our metal yards will pay handsomely for copper, aluminum, steel, brass, and other metals.

What to know about the Recycling Process?

At Scrap Mart Metal Recycling, we begin by sorting out the ferrous from the non-ferrous to begin the recycling process. We use a magnet to separate the metals. Often the ferrous ones stick to the magnet and recycled in the best way ever. The non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, and stainless steel, usually don’t stick to the magnet. However, they have decent pay when we accept them for the recycling process.

If you aren’t sure of the type of metal in your possession, seek to find an established Missouri metal recycling near me. It’s the professionals who know the difference between the metals.

Why Scrap Mart Recyclers?

Even though the market is flooded with various metal recyclers, we stand out for remarkable features. Here are reasons to contract our services all year-round;

  • High Payouts: If there’s a reason to be a Scrap Mart customer is because of the noble pay. Since its inception in 2011, we’ve been giving quality services to our clientele to guarantee our stay to date.
  • Drive On Scale: Serving a wide range of clientele, our customers can drive to one of the certified drive-on scales to have their ferrous metals recycled for substantial payouts.
  • Drive-Thru Non-Ferrous: In the spirit of customer protection, Scrap Mart offers drive-thru non-ferrous drive-ins when you’re bringing in the recyclable metals for recycling from home, garage, or organization.
  • Certified Scales: We offer certified scales to give the exact quantity of metal material recovered in every recycling process.

What’s More

While metal wastes are unavoidable, it’s your duty to make recycling an obligation. The junk of metal behind your property can become a treasure if you contract the services of metal recyclers.

For residents of JonesburgPevely, and Valley Park, Scrap Smart is still your metal recycling merchants. With a tap on the button, we’ll help you sort out your waste and recycle the valuable components to earn you the top dollar.