Recycle Your Aluminum Siding With Us

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Spring is upon us, and with it, we can expect some inclement weather. Here in the St. Louis Metro area, residents have encountered their fair share of tornado scares, hail damage, and gale-force winds. While we hope to sail through this spring unscathed, it might help to know that Scrap Mart Metals can help you recycle your aluminum siding if you experience extreme weather damage.

Aluminum Siding

One of the most common weather conditions around here is, of course, hail. If you have damage to your aluminum siding, chances are you’ll need a complete replacement. Consider bringing the old siding to us and recoup some cash.

Exterior Steel Doors

Whether on your house, garage, or outbuilding, steel doors can often take on damage from storms as well. We can also recycle those old doors to help fund your new ones. Bring us the metal hinges and hardware too.

Gutters, Railings & Metal Outbuildings

Gusting winds seem to accompany almost every Midwest storm we get this time of year. Wind can sometimes break off tree branches, causing damage to your gutters or railings. Load up any sheets of metal that may have blown from a garage or outbuilding. Aluminum gutters and hardware can all be recycled for cash.

Damaged Metal Fencing

If your yard or property fencing gets damaged by wind or fallen tree limbs, bring the metal portions in for recycling. We will also accept any metal fence materials, including the latches and hardware on gates or entries.

Dealing with the weather and subsequent damage can be a hassle. We make recycling your ferrous metals after a storm easy and convenient with our certified, drive-on scale. Pull in. Get weighed. Offload your steel in our yard. Weigh empty. Get Paid. Bring in your damaged metal parts and extras and leave with the highest cash payouts in the St. Louis area.  Contact us today with your recycling questions or drive on over!