Brass Recycling In St. Louis

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Brass is a common item present in the home and industrial appliances. Red and yellow brasses are the most common types of brass. Here’s how you can participate in brass recycling!

Brass Recycling

In the St. Louis area, there is a convenient scrap metal yard you can drop off your brass for recycling. Instead of throwing away the appliances that contain brass, take it to the scrapyard and enjoy high payouts. By doing this, you will be playing a crucial role in conserving the environment and clearing up space for other meaningful uses. Brass is a dense metal made from copper and zinc. The variation in the percentage of zinc and copper is the reason why there is yellow and red brass. Other than in clips and valves, common household and industrial items containing brass include:

  • Brass shells
  • Gears
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Irrigation sprinklers
  • Water meters
  • Pump equipment

Instead of throwing brass and other metals away to landfills, you can bring them to Scrap Mart Metals and earn some money. To receive the full value of your brass, you need to clean the brass by removing non-brass contaminants such as steel, plastics, and aluminum. The scrap metal dealer decides on whether the brass is dirty or clean and separates the different types of brass because they tend to be of different value.

Scrap Mart Metals is the preferred metal yard in the St. Louis area to bring your brass and ferrous metals for recycling. Gather all your brass and other scrap metals and drive to the Scrap Mart Metals yard on West Outer Road, Valley Park, MO. Enjoy a certified drive-on scale and top dollar payouts. Everything is designed to be convenient for those recycling their materials.

To learn more about Scrap Mart Metals, visit us online here or call us at 636-256-7400 today!