How Much Is My Scrap Metal Worth?

 In Metal Recycling

Are you looking for some extra cash in your wallet? You might have more potential cash lying around your house than you thought. Recycling scrap metal can be a lucrative hobby if you can source metal from other places. Before you get started, you might want to know what the different kinds of metal are worth first so you can plan your treasure hunt.

Types of Scrap Metal

It’s important to understand the different types of metals. The type of metals you bring into your local scrap metal recycling center will determine how much money you make. First ferrous metals contain, in any trace or form, iron. This makes these metals alloys. Examples of metals include mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and wrought iron. Ferrous metals are easy to find around your house. Look in household appliances like dishwashers, clothes, dryers, and even televisions. Non-ferrous metals, which do not contain iron, include all the other types of metals. Non-ferrous metals are typically worth a bit more than ferrous metals. These metals include copper, aluminum, brass, tin, zinc, lead, gold, silver, and many more. These metals are harder to source. When you have non-ferrous metals to recycle, keep them separate from the ferrous metals.

Price Considerations

It’s important to remember that scrap metal recycling prices can be very volatile. It is impossible to know precisely what the costs will be throughout the United States. You can still have a general idea of what you could take in when you go to the recycling center. Be sure to ask current prices from your local recycling center before bringing in your haul. Here are some standard prices per pound of metals.

  • Aluminum – $3.98
  • Batteries – $1.29
  • Brass – $2.87
  • Bronze – $3.64
  • Copper – $1.91
  • Iron – $4.30
  • Lead – $1.78
  • Steel – $2.41

If you are interested in learning more about scrap metal recycling and what your metal is worth, check us out at Scrap Mart Metals. We will pay you money for your hobby. If you have any questions about the type of metals and items we collect, visit us online here or call us at 636-256-7400 today!