Places To Look For Scrap Metal

 In Metal Recycling

So you’ve decided to take up scrapping and are anxious to get started. The only thing you need now is to come up with a load or two of recyclables to sell. Doing so could be easier than you think, particularly if you look in these little-known places for treasure. Here are four places to start looking for scrap metal.

#1. Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops have to do something with their old parts, and usually, that means throwing them in the dumpster. Accordingly, there could be a massive supply of old brake pads, rotors, car engines, and more just waiting for you to take them.

#2. Retail Establishments

Retail establishments often get rid of old shelving, hanging displays, and shopping carts. If you drive around the back of a store, you may even see these items stacked up. The manager will probably be more than happy to let you take them since it will only cost money to have these things hauled off.

#3. Apartment Complexes

Residents who are moving out often get rid of everything from kitchen appliances to garden tools. And those that aren’t moving may dump television sets or computer equipment that no longer works. Many times, these larger items are set aside, just waiting for someone to take them. This means you may not even have to climb up into the dumpster.

#4. Farms and Ranches

Farmers and ranchers often hold onto old equipment because it would take too long to haul it off. They might also have old fence posts, barn siding, and other miscellaneous metal items just lying around in a field somewhere. They’ll be glad to see you remove it so that they can use that space for planting or corralling animals.

These are just a few places to look where you might find scrap metal. Visit a few of these places, and then when you are ready to sell your findings, please contact us.