Benefits Of Choosing Scrap Mart Metals

 In Metal Recycling

Do you have various items you want to get rid of in your home or office? If so, Scrap Mart Metals Recycling can help! We take your trash and give you money in exchange! Here are two major reasons to choose Scrap Mart over other metal recyclers.


Our location is easily accessible from HW 44 or HW 141. Once you get here, you’ll notice different ways to drop off your materials. At Scrap Mart we provide customers a drive on the scale, which makes the process significantly easier for the customer. Simply pull onto the scale to be weighed, then head to the steelyard for unloading. After everything has been emptied from your car, you will return back to the scale. Your car will be weighed once again, and then you will receive your payment. We found this process of weighing items to be way more convenient for customers and our employees.

Highest Payouts

There are plenty of other places where you can recycle various materials. We have compared our payouts to other locations in the area, and we offer higher compensation for your items. Since 2011 we have provided superior service to our customers. In addition to 20 more years of experience, which earned us the reputation of the best metal recycling company in the area. Some recycling locations do not accept certain items. We do. We accept aluminum, batteries, copper, brass, computers, steel, junk cars, old electronics, and even office supplies. For a more in-depth description of the items we take, click here.

If you are interested in more information about our services, check us out online here. At Scrap Mart Metals we are committed to excellence and properly compensating customers for their items. In addition, we want the process to be simple as well. You can visit us online here or call us at 636-256-7400 to ask any questions.