Five Hidden Places to Find Scrap Metal

 In Miscellaneous Recycling

Collecting and selling scrap metal is an exciting hobby and fruitful side income. If you enjoy a good treasure hunt, then scrap metal hunting is definitely for you. There are well-known places to find scrap metal, such as dumpsters and construction sites, and there are some hidden gems for places to find good metal. Consider these five places on your next scrap metal hunt.

Shooting Ranges

Brass shells are a valuable source of scrap metal. Many shooting ranges will allow you to collect the shells from the range floor. Just be sure you make proper arrangements with the range management so that your safety is appropriately protected.


All kinds of charities accept household donations, but many do not accept large metal appliances. Moving such big items would be too tricky for one truck driver and would take up too much time. However, you can professionally contact such charities and offer your services to unload these appliances for them, and then you can benefit from the metal you collect.

Storage Companies

Create good relationships with local storage companies and make arrangements to help remove metal items renters may leave behind. This is mutually beneficial because the management doesn’t have to hire people to remove the items, and you can make money from the scrap metal. You can also work with storage auction companies and help them sort through the items in the units they won in an auction.

Medical Care Facilities

There are all kinds of metal at medical care facilities, from wheelchairs and beds to light fixtures and appliances. It is a treasure trove. Schedule a meeting with the facility administrator and offer your free pick up services. Chances are your services will be more than appreciated as one less thing to do.

Farms and Ranches

If you live in a rural area or at least nearby, you can contact local farms or ranches and offer to help them dispose of their old cars, equipment, fencing, etc. they don’t have the time to dispose of themselves.

Scrap metal is all over the place if you are willing to look for it. Consider looking in the mentioned places to get you started, and be sure to contact us for more help in your scrap metal hunting endeavors.