A Hobby That Pays You

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Collecting scrap metal for resale, also called scrapping, is a hobby you could start as soon as today. Like many hobbies, scrapping gives you something to do when you’re not at work and provides opportunities to meet new people. Yet scrapping is different from hobbies that require buying costly equipment, paying membership dues, or taking expensive classes. As a new scrapper, as scrap metal enthusiasts are called, you can begin making money from your hobby from day one. Here’s the information you need to get scrapping and get your cash coming in.

What You Need to Get Started

To begin, you need a magnet and something to put your scrap metal in. The attraction helps you to tell the difference between ferrous metal and nonferrous metal. While a truck or trailer is helpful to put your scrap metal in, it’s not necessary. You can keep your scrap in boxes or barrels and haul it with whatever vehicle you have access to.

What Metals Pay More

Nonferrous metal pays more than ferrous metal. Nonferrous metals include aluminum, brass, and copper. Copper generally commands the highest prices, followed by brass, then aluminum. Iron and alloys containing iron are ferrous metal. Since ferrous metal is magnetic, you can use your magnet to figure out what you have.

Sort Your Scrap for More Cash

You’ve already separated your scrap into ferrous and nonferrous metal. Now sort each pile into individual metals before you go to the scrapyard to get the best price. If you show up at the scrapyard with mingled metals, you get paid at the rate for the least expensive metal in your bunch.

How to Get Paid

Many scrapyards have a drive-on scale for ferrous metal. Your vehicle is weighed while the ferrous metal is still in it. After the ferrous metal is removed, your vehicle is weighed again. The scrapyard pays you according to the difference between the two weights. Often nonferrous metal is weighed by itself on another scale, but the scrapyard still pays you by the pound.

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