Old With The Old – Recycling Bathroom Fixtures

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Bathroom renovations are fun.

Everyone loves getting a makeover for their home; Right up to the moment, it’s time to get rid of the old stuff. Once your bathroom is sparkling and new, you will hardly believe what’s left behind: porcelain basins, old pipes, faucets, tile, fixtures, and more. That’s a lot of useful material. However, your leftovers don’t have to be destined for the trash heap.

 Recycling Metals

According to Copper.org, “Each year in the U.S.A., nearly as much copper is recovered from recycled material as is derived from newly mined ore….” Meaning, that we reuse a majority of the copper we use, and that’s great for the environment. Copper isn’t the only metal we use in our bathroom fixtures. Chrome, brass, nickel, bronze, even gold can be found in bathrooms everywhere, and there is a use somewhere for all of it.¬† However, copper is one of the most commonly used and most sought after metals recycled. It’s a great idea to recycle anything copper simply because it’s worth the most and is a constant demand.

How to recycle

Metals are one of the few materials that you can almost always recycle for cash. As long as an item is mostly metal, it’s still usually worth recycling. Much like fossil fuels, metal is a finite resource, so the more we recycle and reuse, the better.

It helps to separate the small pieces of metal in individual items from the other materials as you are doing your renovation. It will save you time later when you want to bring in your scrap. Once you bring in your old bathroom remnants, it can be weighed and priced by the pound.

Scrap Mart Metals can recycle a lot of the product your renovation will leave behind. If you’ve recently done a remodel,¬†contact us.