You Can Make Money Drinking Soda

 In Recycling Aluminum

We’ve got a secret to tell you if you’re a soda lover. You can earn a residual income just by accumulating soda cans and bringing them to us to buy. We are a longstanding scrap metal company that gives high payouts for all types of metal items. Empty cans are one of the items on our acceptance list. We love buying soda cans almost as much as you like drinking soda. Here’s how you can make money drinking something you love.

Collect Cans From Family and Friends

It’s easy to gather a significant number of cans to bring to our scrap metal facility. All you have to do is search your home and the homes of your friends and family members. Before you know it, you’ll have a heap of cans for us to buy, and we’ll put money in your pockets.

Visit Our Drive-Thru or Dive-On

We offer a convenient drive-thru metal dropoff spot for non-ferrous items and drive-on scales for ferrous items. Both processes are quick and hassle-free. You could be in and out of our facility within minutes.

Get Paid and Spend Your Cash

We will pay you for your cans and other metal items in a heartbeat. You can then leave and use the funds we gave you any way you please. Visit us anytime and bring anything that is on our list of items. If it’s metal, we’ll certainly buy it.

You can finally get a payout for all the years you’ve been drinking soda. Don’t hesitate to stop by and offer us your metals for pay. Our location is open during convenient hours during the week and on Saturday. We realize you may not get to us during the day, so we offer early and evening hours to meet your needs.

Contact us at Scrap Mart for a quote on the cans you have. We also accept such items such as batteries, electronic motors, and various electronic devices.