Cash In On Renovation Projects With Recycling

 In Metal Recycling

Remodeling and renovation projects can be costly but necessary. One great way to offset those investment costs is with recycling. Many of the replacement hardware, appliances, and furnishings can bring top dollar payouts. Here are a few instances in which renovations can bring monetary benefits.

Interior Renovation

Whether you’re replacing a tub or sink in a bathroom or giving your entire kitchen a facelift, you’ll have a pile of leftovers. Take a look at that pile and start seeing dollar signs! You can recycle metal hardware for cash, including faucets, piping, and handles. Any old metal plumbing materials and accessories are great for recycling. Don’t forget the kitchen appliances can be brought in as well.

Outdoor Renovation

Outdoor renovations can be a great source of recycling materials too. If you’re replacing exterior doors, gates or your garage altogether, recycle them. Not sure what to do with those chain link fences or old television antenna poles? Bring them in for cash! Have rusted or outdated metal patio furniture? We’ll pay you for them.

Rental Property Renovations

We can be the landlord’s best friend. As old tenants move out, you’re often faced with remodel projects that may require you to replace minor and major parts of the property. You can recoup some of those costs by recycling your old appliances, metal, and hardware. You can recycle as you renovate ongoing and offset your overall expenses. We can help with roll-off containers too!

We offer the easiest way to recycle in the St. Louis area. Drive-through services for ferrous and non-ferrous drop-offs make it convenient for you to swing by and collect your cash. We pay top-dollar rates for scrap and metal.  Not only that but we have provided the best customer service since 2011. Contact us today with questions about your recycling renovations. In other words, stop by to see us!