Recycle Your Garage Reno

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A garage renovation can be life changing, home changing, and time consuming. If you’re knee deep in a reno you know the extent of how much waste is created as well as the sometimes high cost of giving yourself a new garage. Looking for a way to responsibly handle that waste? Consider recycling as much of it as you can. Not only is it better for the environment, but you can recoup some of the cost of the renovation. Win win! Scrap Mart’s high payouts, experienced customer service, and drive-on scale make the recycling experience completely uncomplicated.

Why Choose Recycling

Along with our easy process and high payouts, recycling your used materials creates benefits for the environment.

Metals – Reusing these materials means less mining of new ore. Keeping these materials out of landfills also greatly reduces the amount of material needed to be managed in those landfills.
Batteries – As batteries sit in landfills, over time they begin to leak their chemicals into the soil.
Computers and Related Devices – These devices commonly include toxic chemicals or metals that can leach into the soil in landfills. Also reusing this materials decreases the resources needed to create new devices.

What We Buy

Garages can contain a variety of materials that are eligible to be recycled at Scrap Mart. Check out this list of what we buy to see how much of your stuff is recyclable.

Aluminum – Beverage Cans, Siding, Doors, Wheels
Batteries – Car Batteries, Marine Batteries
Copper – Pipes, Wire, Electric Motors, Roofing
Brass – Door Hinges, Radiators, Plumbing Fixtures, Lamps
Computers – Hard Drives, Printers, Copying Machines, Fax Machines
Steel – Doors, Appliances, Engines, Drums, Rotors, Sinks, Cast Iron
Junk Cars – Drag it, push it, pull it – we’ll take it off your hands for you and pay you top dollar.

The examples above are just that. Have questions about what is recyclable? Contact us for more details on particular items.

Why Choose Us

Our 20 years of combined experience has helped us develop the most pain-free system for recycling your used materials. Check out the details of how our drive-on scale works. We are St. Louis’ first drive-thru recycling!