Recycle to Make Dollars and Sense for Your Business

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Scrap metal recycling is a sizeable industry, and businesses routinely implement recycling policies to manage their overflow, scraps, and removal pieces. What you may not realize is we can help almost any business, in any industry by accepting a host of scrap metal related items. Chances are, we can help your business.

We pay top dollar and offer easy drop off options. Earn a little money for your business and as a result, promote your green and socially responsible recycling efforts. Below are four instances you may experience in your business, that could leave you with items worth recycling.

Industrial & Automotive

If you’re in the automotive, industrial equipment or services businesses, you’ll no doubt have an arsenal of leftovers you’ll want to dispose of responsibly. Motors, engines, wiring, plumbing, and equipment can be recycled for cash. Any business that installs new equipment potentially collects the removed and replaced pieces. In other words, we’ll take those off your hands!

Office Equipment from your business

If you’re in an office environment, you may find yourself with a faulty, non-working piece of equipment from time to time. Maybe you’re upgrading fax machines or printing equipment. You might be giving your IT Department an upgrade on desktop computers and need to dispose of all the old models. We take hard drives, pcs and monitors.

Appliances from your business

Many offices, large and small, feature a break room with a full or partial kitchen. If you’re upgrading your appliances, we can help. Consider recycling the old refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave. You can recycle them because they contain steel and metal components. Sometimes, the installation process or remodeling process produces scraps, leftovers, or waste. If its metal, we’ll take it.

Office Remodels

If your company is planning a remodel, expansion or building project, you’ll more than likely have old units, wiring, plumbing, and scrap to dispose of upon completion. Collect those leftovers and bring them to us! You can recoup some of those new project costs. In addition, clear out your space too! Roofing, plumbing, and even door hinges are all recyclable.

If you’re not sure what you have lying around is recyclable, check our website for a complete list of materials we’d love to buy from you. With our flexible hours and drop off options, along with our top dollar rates, we’ll make it worth your while. Contact us to learn more!