Steel is Big Business

 In Steel Recycling

St. Louis means business what it comes to recycling, steel recycling in particular. More than 80 million tons of steel get recycled in the U.S. each year. Steel is the most recycled metal in the world because it’s one of the few materials that maintains its properties even after recycling. Recycled steel is just as durable and usable as brand new steel.

What does recycling do?

The American Iron and Steel Institute states, “83,000 tons of steel were needed for the Golden Gate Bridge. Only half would be needed now.” Essentially, everything made of steel today is, to some degree, recycled material, and that’s good for the planet. It’s also good for our pocketbooks as it reduces the costs of production.

How do you find scrap to sell?

Scrap isn’t that hard to find for sale, but it’s crucial that the scrap you sell is your own and legally acquired. Scrappers can often find local businesses that need old appliances or business equipment cleared out. Craigslist and local forums are places where people post online looking for a haul-away service. Don’t forget farmers if you live in a farm country. Not everyone has the equipment or the time to haul away their trash, and, often, its put aside for later. By offering assistance to folks in need of this service, you can build a real business.

How do we help you recycle steel?

Scrap Mart Metals makes recycling steel as accessible as possible by offering top dollar payout for your scrap metals. The process of selling your ferrous metals is as simple as possible with our certified drive-on scale. We’ve been offering our services to the St. Louis area since 2011, and we are always here to answer your questions about steel recycling. Contact us¬†for more information and prices.