Think Outside of the Metal Toolbox

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Are you thinking about recycling as a way to add to your income? Everywhere you look at the apparent sources of scrap metal in your community has been claimed or mined. Where can you find recyclable metals that you can turn into rent and food? It’s time to think outside the metal toolbox! Metal is in practically everything around us.

Where To Look

The apparent sites for collecting are places like junkyards, car repair shops (with owner permission of course!), and grandpa’s old barn.

Some overlooked copper and steel mines in your community could include:

  • Estate sales or auctions where you can cart off boxes full of old steel, aluminum, and copper pots for pennies on the dollar.
  • Schools or child care centers with storage rooms full of old and outdated computer equipment would love to unload their junk for free
  • Garages or attics contain salvage materials such as a metal yard or wall decorations and other household decorative items. These often include copper, brass, aluminum, or steel.
  • Dumpsters outside of schools, at the end of the school year, contain many treasures. You are sure to find some metal among the books, blocks crayons, and other things. Again, ask for permission to search the dumpster to avoid any legal complications.
  • Metal hoarders, often older folks who grew up in the depression,  may have a lot of metals stored. Check with them to see if they would like help with getting items to a recycle center and propose a partnership for dividing the earnings. Barter your muscle for their treasure!

Much metal that could be salvaged ends up in landfills and contributes to the ever-growing problem of space for solid waste disposal. Scrap Mart Metals encourages you to think outside the metal toolbox! Help save the environment while you help yourself.

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