Interesting Things To Note About Aluminum

 In Recycling Aluminum

In today’s world, before you buy anything, you should do your research. You should know about the product or service you are purchasing and using. The same is true when you are buying or disposing of aluminum. Here are some of the more interesting and educational facts about aluminum:

  • Most of the world actually calls it ‘aluminium’.
  • Aluminum is mostly used as an alloy–even when the content is up to 99%.
  • Its flexibility comes from the fact that it has only a third of the density of steel; this creates an ideal mixture of lightness and durability.
  • After silicon, it is the second most abundant metallic element in the crust of the earth.
  • Aluminum alloys are able to keep up with, if not surpass, steel when it comes to strength.
  • Because aluminum does not dissolve easily in water, it makes it very resistant to weather damage and damage from other gases and liquids in the atmosphere.

Aluminum is used for a seemingly endless list of products, including everything from paperclips to space ships. Statista recently released a study that they completed on the global end use of aluminum. They found that, in 2014, the transport industry used the most aluminum, at 27% of worldwide consumption. Construction was a close second at 25%, followed by electrical engineering, at 13%, and machinery and equipment at 9%. Packaging, foil stock, consumer durables and others trailed behind.

Once you know all of the possibilities that this metal offers, all of the tasks it can help individuals and societies accomplish, and how powerful a metal it truly is, you’ll probably like the idea of recycling it. This allows your community to keep reaping the rewards from it, putting it towards a new infrastructure project or adding it back into the market for paperclip manufacturers to use. To find out more about how you can recycle your aluminum, please contact us.