Copper Recycling Overview

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The booming metals market is one of the largest in the world, and copper recycling is in huge demand. Factories in Asia, the US, Europe and elsewhere all need a steady supply of this metal. For this reason, the price remains fairly stable and the metal retains value.

Copper is Versatile

Copper alloys are recycled to make a wide variety of products. These are primarily in one of two categories. Firstly, they compose much wiring to help conduct electricity. As electrical networks are built out world wide, copper demand remains strong. A second area of demand is autos. Copper is used in many auto parts, supporting this industry which produces hundreds of millions of vehicles per year. There are other uses of this metal including heavy machinery, art and some furniture. However, wiring and autos are the dominant industries.

Companies with strong, ongoing operations are able to take advantage of this market by providing the best quality metal at regular intervals. They work with an assortment of suppliers ranging from individuals to small teams to large factories discarding excess material. Together, these sources provide a constant stream of copper that can be recycled and placed on the global market.

Transparent Pricing

Fortunately, the price of copper is always very transparent. This metal is traded every work day on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). That means that anyone has access to the most updated price to the minute. Anyone with a smartphone can search for the most up-to-date price when they are seeking to recycle their copper. People should only work with firms that are willing to honor the spot price and pay in cash upfront.

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