Non-Ferrous & Aluminum Recycling

 In Recycling Aluminum

Do you have aluminum cans or other non-ferrous metals that you need to get rid of, or do you want to start an aluminum recycling project at your school or where you work?  Not only can Scrap Mart serve your needs, but we can do so in a convenient way.  Whether you have cans or some other aluminum, Scrap Mart offers a drive-thru to make the process simple for you, and we offer top dollar for all of your non-ferrous scrap metal.

Collecting aluminum can be a great way for you to organize a fundraiser for your organization, but if it isn’t easy to turn that trash into money, few organizations are willing to go through the trouble.  Scrap Mart, located at West Outer Road in Valley Park, can help you with an environmentally friendly way to dispose of scrap aluminum and other scrap metal you or your organization may choose to collect with our drive through scale—and you can see the scale weights!

If you are collecting aluminum, remember that aluminum cans or bottles are not the only things to be on the lookout for.  When your uncle finally puts new siding on his house, the old stuff might be made from aluminum.  Old garage doors are often made of aluminum, and so are the hubcaps to many cars.  The weight on aluminum adds up quickly, meaning more money for you or your organization if you bring it to us.

We also collect other non-ferrous metals, like copper, computers (but no screens or monitors), brass, steel, and even car or marine batteries and junk cars—if you can push, pull or drag your junker to us.

Do your part for the environment, and put some cash in your pocket too. Whether you do it for yourself or as a fundraiser, bring your aluminum and other non-ferrous metals to Scrap Mart, located in Valley Park, Missouri. If you have questions, please contact us.