Reel in Scrap Steel Recycling Profits with Magnet Fishing

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It’s possible to turn a love of the outdoors and a sense of environmental stewardship into cold, hard cash with scrap steel recycling. Magnet fishing can be a fun – and profitable – way to clean up your local waterway while creating a tidy little slush fund for bait and beer money.

Magnet fishing is as simple as it sounds. There’s plenty of ferrous scrap littering the bottoms of America’s waterways. Every snagged hook, carelessly discarded tire rim, or swept-away minnow trap is a potential contribution to your scrap collection.

It’s easy to get started. All you’ll need is a five-gallon bucket or tube to collect your findings, a stout nylon rope, and a heavy-duty magnet, available at most hardware stores. You’ll want a magnet with a pull strength of at least 25 pounds, to account for water current as well as the weight of whatever you happen to snag. A 95 pound magnet probably offers the best compromise between price and strength.

Simply attach your nylon line to your magnet and cast away. Just like “real” fishing, you’ll feel resistance in the line once your magnet has latched on to something significant. Put the smaller bits – hooks, leaders, and the like – in your collection bucket, but be prepared for some surprises. In some areas, it’s not uncommon to pull up car bumpers, bits of old white-good appliances, and more. You may even find something archaeologically significant.

Turning your newfound trash into treasure is just as easy with scrap steel recycling. Buyers like Scrap Mart Metals Recycling in St. Louis, Missouri, will gladly take your ferrous scrap off your hands. You’ll walk away with a few extra bucks and the satisfaction of leaving your favorite waterway a little cleaner than you found it. Contact us today for our latest ferrous scrap prices.