St. Louis E-Waste Recycling: Fax & Copy Machine

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When dealing with fax and copy machines, like most electronics, there will come a time when “out with the old, in with the new” is a reality.

And while it would be quite easy to dispose of your old or broken fax machine in the nearest trash can or dumpster, it wouldn’t be the most environmentally friendly option. This is because many of these machines can contaminate the environment due to hazardous materials once they end up in a landfill. Some states have legislation requiring e-waste recycling, Missouri is one.

What To Do With Your Outdated Copier, Fax, Printer or Hard Drive?

Donate: If you are merely updating your machine to a new model, but the old one still works fine, donating to a school or non-profit organization is a great way to contribute to the community, and a tax deduction never hurt anyone.

Take Back Programs: Some manufacturers will take back their products for in-house recycling to reuse for other commodities.

Licensed Recycle Facility: Finding a licensed disposal facility that recycles fax and copy machines in an environmentally friendly way and that also helps you meet state regulation for e-waste is a win for all involved. That is where Scrap Mart Metals comes in.

Benefits of Electronic Recycling:

  • E-waste recycling protects the environment from toxic materials.
  • Recycling is an excellent source of raw materials.
  • Recycling is a great way to make the same or different products from repurposing materials.
  • Recycling creates jobs and secondary industries in your community. 

Whatever reason you have for the recycling of your computer peripherals (printer, hard drive, copy or fax machine) Scrap Mart will gladly take it off your hands. Let’s all do our part to protect the environment. For more information on E-waste recycling or other recyclable items, please contact us or call 636-256-7400.