What Can Be Recycled at a Metal Recycling Center?

 In Metal Recycling

When people hear about a scrap metal recycling center, they think about old, warped sheets of metal or maybe a bucket of old nails and screws. Sure, we’ll recycle those! However, we recycle so much more than that. Check out this list of different types of metal we accept at Scrap Mart Metals. You probably have at least one of these items sitting around.

  • Aluminum. This could mean soda cans, bakeware, wheels, doors, siding, wire, radiators. Aluminum is an important item to recycle because it can be turned back into another aluminum product quickly and efficiently.
  • Copper. We take copper pipes, wire, electric motors, and roofing. Copper is another one of those great metals that is completely recyclable and can be used over and over again.
  • Steel. Many things are made of steel. Think of steel doors, appliances (like an old washer and dryer), engines, drums, rotors, sinks, cast iron, food cans, paint cans, and aerosol cans. Do you have any of those at home? Bring them in!
  • Brass. Door hinges, door handles, radiators, plumbing fixtures, lamps, light fittings, hose fittings, hooks, ornaments, and screws are among the many brass items we accept at our recycling center.
  • Computers. That’s right! We accept old computers. Take in your hard drives, printers, copying machines and fax machines.
  • Batteries. Car batteries and marine batteries can be recycled here.
  • Junk cars. Have an old beater that doesn’t run anymore? Don’t let it rust to pieces in your yard. Tow it to us; we recycle them!
  • Artificial Christmas trees. Do you have a fake metal tree you want to get rid of? We’ll take it, along with any lights or ornaments still on the tree.

Now that you understand the vast amounts of metal that can be recycled at our metal recycling center, take some time to clean out your house and bring your scrap metal to our convenient drive-thru. We offer top prices for your scrap metal. Have more questions about whether something is recyclable or not? Contact us, and we’ll help you out.