Making Money with St Louis Brass Recycling

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St Louis Brass Recycling pays well at Scrap Mart Metals. Before you just throw those old pieces of brass in the trash, give some thought to recycling them for future generations, and make some money on the side. This metal can be reused again and again, and has always been highly prized for it malleability and beauty.

What do you have that is made from brass?

  1. Old musical instruments (trombone, tuba, trumpets, etc).
  2. Kitchen and bathroom faucets.
  3. Jacuzzi jets.
  4. Door handles.
  5. Door locks and keys.
  6. Plumbing, such as pipes and valve fittings.
  7. Screws.
  8. Bullet and bullet casings.
  9. Bed frames including headboards and footboards.
  10. Zippers on pants, jackets, skirts and dresses.
  11. Jewelry that was made from brass but covered in another metal.
  12. Marine engines and pumps.

Brass is found in so many facets of our lives, due its bright, beautiful coloring. The colors of brass can be light gold, and silver to almost red. Make sure you know you are not throwing away money-making brass items before you toss something out! It is an alloy of copper and zinc, and because it is so resistant to corrosion from weather and water it has been the plumbers choice for many years.

Brass has been used by various cultures for over 500 years, used in everything from coins in Roman times to electrical conductivity in ours. One reason brass has been so popular over the years as faucets and door knobs, is due to the fact it is a poor breeding ground for bacteria. Other materials that could be used do not offer the same antimicrobial properties.

Scrap Mart Metals pays the highest price for St Louis brass recycling. Contact us to find out more.