Junk Car Recycling: Put That Old Car to Work!

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We’ve all seen those places along the highway, usually a small farm or a lot on someone’s property that is lined with a fleet of broken down old cars. You might ask yourself, “How does someone get to that point? It’s hard enough to own one or two cars, much less an entire parking lot full of them!” Oddly enough, it doesn’t take that much to accumulate a collection of cars. In the US, on average, there are 2.8 vehicles per household. A variety of things can happen to add to your collection. In some cases, a child might join the military and leave their starter car behind for years, and by the time they come back, they have already moved on to a newer model. Sometimes a loved one may pass away, or simply decide they are too old to drive and leave behind a car for the next person to take on. Any other reason from someone offering you an old car for $10, just to get out of their hair, or maybe you just can’t unload an old car for a decent trade-in.

In any case, you can easily go from 2.8 cars in your household to five, six, seven or more if you aren’t careful! So how would you like to make a little bit of money from some good old fashioned junk car recycling? It isn’t hard and you are helping not only the planet by getting some old Detroit Steel off your property, but you might be making sure that someone else can find some hard-to-find part they have been looking for. It all depends on what kind of car you bring in, as well as what is in demand. Junk cars can be stripped down, providing a warehouse of usable parts, and what remains can be salvaged, melted down where the metal recovered can be used to make anything else! That means less of a need to open up mines in the earth, pollute waterways, or dig miles of tunnels in the side of a beautiful mountainside somewhere.

What’s really great is recycling that car gets an eyesore off your lawn and puts that car to work for you one last time. Paying out in cold, hard cash!¬†Contact us¬†today if you want to learn more about junk car recycling!