5 Aluminum Can Crafts to Make This Fall

 In Recycling Aluminum

Don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles and try your hand at recycling those aluminum cans into a new life form. Recycling used articles fulfills your civic duty but finding an imaginative way to reuse them is inspirational and fun. Before you bring all of your aluminum cans into Scrap Mart, save a few to unleash your innovative side. Here are a few aluminum can crafts to get you started this fall.

1.  Aluminum Cans Made Into Roses

“A rose by any other name,” according to Shakespeare’s Juliet, “would smell as sweet.” It seems as relevant today as it was in Romeo’s time. Follow the step-by-step directions on the Home-Dzine website to get your bouquet started.

2.  Pop Top Peace Sign

“Everything is Beautiful,” sang Ray Stevens in the 1970s, and you can join the peace train with your own version of the popular symbol. Find the directions for this creation on the Crafting a Green World website.

3.  Soda/Beer Can Ashtrays

No man cave is complete without a soda or beer can ashtray. Add an artistic touch to a desk or end table by following the directions on the Cut Out and Keep site. These don’t have to be used as ashtrays. They can just as easily be a catch-all tray for paper clips and the like.

4.  Patriotic Wreath

Follow the user-friendly guide provided on the Small Fry & Co website to create your own patriotic wreath using aluminum cans. Depending on the colors you use, the wreath could be used for a variety of occasions and holidays.

5.  Aluminum Can Coasters

With the guidelines provided by the Idea Room website, you can create some truly ingenious sets of coasters. These would make great gift ideas as well as providing your own family room or outdoor area with a unique look.

These are just a few aluminum can crafts for you to think about doing with your recyclables. When you’re ready to get top dollar for anything you’d like to turn in, visit Scrap Mart. We’re here to assist you.