Copper Recycling is Easy at Scrap Mart Metals

 In Copper Recycling

Of all the commonly found metals in our modern world, copper is one of the most valued. Throughout history, people have pounded or melted down copper to make new items when the older ones were no longer needed or functional. People still value copper today – and the copper industry still looks to copper recycling, both pure and mixed into metal alloys, to meet modern manufacturing needs. At Scrap Mart Metals, we are pleased to be a key part of this ancient and very modern activity.

Bring in Any Kind of Copper for Top-Dollar Payout

Currently, we are buying all kinds of copper. Are you remodeling your home or other buildings? Pull aside those copper pipes, copper wires, old electric motors, and sometimes even metal roofing materials. Copper is an important component in each of these building supplies. Bring in as little or as much as suits your needs. Are you fundraising for a community group? We are always delighted to offer payouts for group scrap drives, a creative way to get your community involved in a cause. Whether it’s a truckload of pipes or a box of wire scraps, Scrap Mart always offers competitive payouts for all the copper you have to sell.

We Even Offer A Drive-Thru Option for You!

Copper is a Non-Ferrous metal, meaning it has no iron in it. We are pleased to offer our Non-Ferrous Metal Drive-Thru service to make the process entirely painless. That’s right: you can pull in and drop off your copper  recyclables with no trouble at all. This super-easy service has made us St. Louis’ most convenient and respected recycling center.

While you’re at it, if there’s room in your vehicle, why not include a few extra recyclable items? In addition to copper, Scrap Mart recycles many metals, such as steel, brass, and aluminum. We can also recycle old computers, old batteries, and even junked cars.

Copper recycling is a winning strategy. Here’s the info you need to bring in that scrap copper to Scrap Mart. We’ll see you soon!