Make Space in Your Office with Copy & Fax Machine Recycling

 In Computer Recycling

Fax machines and copiers are often the workhorses of any office, with a variety of people using them day in and day out, until they finally just give out. Copies and faxes are processed through the machines with long black lines or sometimes the images are so pale that nobody even knows what was sent. What you are left with is a machine that had one use, with parts that are so highly specific to that device that they are completely useless (not to mention dangerous) to re-purpose for another machine. That is if you had the training to even consider such a venture! For this reason, turning to copy and fax machine recycling is your best bet.

Hauling off a copier or fax machine to a landfill would be expensive, not to mention completely irrational, especially when you can be paid for the scrap value of the device by us! We don’t consider most things like this as trash. We are in the business of buying your metal scrap, which comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Scrap metal isn’t just junked cars or copper tubing from condemned buildings. You might be sitting on a sizable return for something you might have just considered throwing away in the form of recyclable circuitry, motherboards, metal components, and steel cases which protect the inner workings of your copiers and fax machines.

Once they have outlived their usefulness, we will buy them back for cash and put the metal to good use. Recycling the metal from your dead and broken equipment means less need for raw, mined materials and less impact on the environment. Recycling has been around for a long time, but new technology doesn’t make it any less relevant. If anything, recycling your fax machines and copiers is even more crucial to do in what is becoming an ever increasing “disposable society.”

So, rather than taking your aggression out on your broken fax machine or copier in a field somewhere, get some cash back on all that metal. Contact us today for all of your copy and fax machine recycling needs!