Brass Recycling for Sustainability

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The sustainability of the brass industry relies on scrap brass, and brass recycling reduces waste and costs around the globe.

Brass is a copper alloy that is commonly found in:

  • door hinges
  • radiators
  • plumbing fixtures
  • lamps

The brass and copper industry rely heavily on recycling. Because the copper metal can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its properties, it would be wasteful to mine and use new raw materials when there are enough in existence currently to meet demand. In fact, out of the 5.8 trillion pounds of copper in known existence, only 12 percent of it was mined during documented history. It was used by humans over 10,000 years ago, and nearly all of the copper ever mined is still in circulation because of recycling.

Brass is available in a variance of colors, and this is due to differences in the copper to zinc ratios. Recycled items may be purposefully recycled together to create certain colors. For example, radiator recycling is responsible for 50 percent of the production of red and semi-red brass alloys according to the Copper Development Association.

While new copper and zinc may be added to a melt to meet engineering specifications, the primary use of recycled materials has significantly brought down the cost of brass production. Copper recycling including copper alloys continues to make the brass industry sustainable.

Brass recycling at Scrap Mart Metals is easy because of our drive-thru service. Just load up your brass scrap in your vehicle, and drive it down to our center. We will sort and weigh your brass and pay you the best prices for your recycling efforts.

Keep the cost of brass low around the globe by recycling your brass scrap instead of throwing it away. We make it easy, profitable, and it helps the global effort toward sustainability for future generations.