Recycled Aluminum 101

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We recycle all kinds of metals at Scrap Mart Metals, and that includes aluminum. How much do you know about this fascinating, recyclable metal? Read on to learn more about recycled aluminum.

The infinite metal. Well, nothing on earth is truly infinite, but aluminum comes close! Nearly 75 percent of all the aluminum ever made is still in use today. Why is this possible? Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable, and it retains all its properties. This means your soda can could have been a soda can you drank from fifteen years ago! Weird, but possible.

The most valuable item in your recycling bin. According to The Aluminum Association, aluminum is so valuable because it is the most recyclable of all the metals. It pays for its own recycling many times over because it costs so much less to recycle aluminum than it does to create new metal. At Scrap Mart Metal, we contribute to the demand for aluminum by paying you top dollar for all your old soda cans, aluminum siding, doors, and wheels.

Aluminum quickly closes the recycling loop. You already know that aluminum recycles very well. It also recycles quickly! A recycled aluminum can could be back on the grocery store shelf in as little as 60 days. That’s fast!

Is there anything aluminum does poorly? There is one thing. It decomposes very poorly. All the aluminum that ends up in the dump instead of the recycling center will stay in the landfill for 500 years or longer! Too bad. We make it so easy to recycle aluminum! Simply take it to our convenient drive thru Valley Park location and drop off your recyclable metal. We’ll sort it, weigh it, and pay you for it.

Recycling aluminum is not a recent development. Because aluminum was a key metal used in World War II, folks on the home front began “tin foil drives.” The recycled aluminum was then used in aircraft, ships, and mess kits.

What do you imagine your old cans could become? Maybe an iPad. Or an alloy for space technology. Whatever it becomes, you can rest assured that your aluminum won’t make its final stop at Scrap Mart Metals. We love to recycle!

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