Use Our Free Drop-Off Service for Electronic Scrap Recycling

 In Computer Recycling

What happens to your old computer hard drive when it no longer works? Do you push it in the corner of the room? Hide it under a box of old files? Out of sight, out of mind. Or do you look at that old computer and wonder if you can sell its parts on eBay? And maybe you do sell a part or two, but then what becomes of the rest of it? Maybe it ends up in a box of junk in the garage. Yet another useless thing that you don’t have room for.

Here’s something you can do with your old computers: recycle them! That’s right. At Scrap Mart Metals, we recycle old computers. And we don’t stop there. We also recycle broken copy machines, useless fax machines, and old printers. Turn those old electronics into cash with electronic scrap recycling. We’ll buy them!

We provide free drop-off service for electronic scrap.

Come into our convenient Valley Park drive thru location and drop off those old electronics. It’s that easy! No guilty feelings about adding toxic waste to a landfill. No worries about someone hacking into the information on your old hard drives. Once we process the scrap, that information is destroyed forever.

Let’s review.

What will we take at Scrap Mart Metals?

  • computer hard drives
  • printers
  • copy machines
  • fax machines

What don’t we take?

We don’t take old TVs or monitors.

What else can you recycle?

If it’s metal, we’ll take it! In fact, we’ll give you top dollar for your metal scrap. We buy aluminum, copper, brass, steel, car and marine batteries, computers, and junk cars.

This is your call to clean out your office, clear out the corners, and empty those boxes of old electronics. Haul it to Scrap Mart Metals, the drop-off metal recycling center with fast, friendly service. Do you have specific questions about what electronics we’ll take? Please contact us. Here at Scrap Mart Metals, we want to be your go to place for electronic scrap recycling!