Copper Recycling- Why is it So Valuable?

 In Copper Recycling

You can call it “poor man’s gold”, copper is one of the most lucrative metals you can recycle. Being one of the oldest continually used metals in the world, copper is found as an alloy in other metals, as well. Copper recycling helps preserve the value of this prestigious metal.

The average American home’s inner working depend on copper and all the properties it brings. Being an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, copper wire makes up much of a typical home’s wiring. The alloys that make up a lot of the plumbing pipes in a typical home contain copper, as well. The only metal that conducts electricity and heat better than copper is silver.

Copper recycling is essential because it requires much less energy to recycle it than to make it brand new. This provides savings in more than just time and money.

At Scrap Mart, we buy all kinds of copper. Pipes, wires, electric motors, and roofing materials, we will buy it all from you. Scrap Mart offers top dollar payouts for copper and all other scrap metals you have to sell. And with our Drive Thru Non-Ferrous, you can drop off all of your metal recyclables with no trouble at all. We are currently St. Louis’ only drive-thru recycling center.

In addition to copper, we recycle old computers, old batteries, steel, brass, and aluminum. Have an old car you can’t get rid of? If you can get it to us, we will be very happy to take it from you.

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