Out with the Old, in with the New: Artificial Christmas Tree Recycling

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Easy Artificial Christmas Tree Recycling With Scrap Mart Metals

The Christmas season of joy, peace, and giving has come and gone, leaving behind bright memories and a Christmas tree waiting to be taken down. An artificial tree can last many years, but at some point it does need to be replaced by a new one. Is that where your tree is at this year? Instead of storing away a tattered fake tree, consider artificial Christmas tree recycling!

At Scrap Mart Metals, we recycle metal Christmas trees. Come into the convenient drive-thru at our Valley Park location, and we’ll not only take that old tree off your hands, we’ll pay you for it!

Added convenience

If you don’t want to keep this year’s Christmas tree decorations and lights, keep them on the tree! We’ll accept lighted and decorated trees. This makes it easier for you. Simply take in the artificial tree as it is. We pay you for it, decorated or plain!

Other Metals

Put more money in your pocket by bringing in additional metal. We pay you for aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. We also take old computers and car and marine batteries. Load up your vehicle and drive into Scrap Mart Metals. We’ll weigh and sort your metal, and then pay you for it! Extra cash for the new year is a great thing, right?

When you are looking for¬†artificial Christmas tree recycling, look no further than Scrap Mart Metals. We offer top dollar payouts for all your scrap metal. Scrap Mart Metals continues to be St. Louis’ best and most efficient metal recycling center. Need help finding us? Look here. We’ll see you soon!