Recycling Steel With Scrap Mart Metals

 In Steel Recycling

Steel is in everything these days – from small cans and handheld tools to massive bridges and machinery – and so it’s no surprise that steel is the world’s most recycled material. Steel is an amazing material for a variety of purposes. It’s a strong, versatile, and completely recyclable metal, making it a clear favorite when it comes to building new structures.

Recycling steel from cans, cookwear, tools, and any other steel products you’ve considered trying to get rid of at yard sales is a simple and cost-effective way to cut down on clutter. Plus, why not earn yourself some money toward your next down payment, family vacation, or new project in the process? To make the process even easier, Scrap Mart customers can recycle ferrous metals by driving to our certified drive-on scale.

Creating new products from scrap also helps avoid the environmental impact of mining and smelting new material, as well as providing you with an average of 10 cents per pound of scrap metal. It might not seem like anything that impressive at first, even if you bring in several truck loads of scrap, but small things add up fast and every little bit helps – for both the planet and your wallet.

Do you have extra steel you no longer need? Would you like to make some quick cash for a new project? Contact us at Scrap Mart! We offer top dollar payouts for all your scrap metal and our new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center makes recycling steel easier than ever.