Convenient Brass Recycling in St. Louis

 In Brass Recycling

Did you know that you can recycle brass items in your home simply by driving to your local scrap yard and dropping it off? Instead of throwing used brass couplings into a can and storing it in the garage, for example, why not bring it to the scrap yard and trade it in for cash? You’ll be doing your part by recycling a useful metal (which is a good feeling!), getting rid of excess “stuff” that you’ll probably never use again, and making a little money in the bargain. Not a bad deal!

Brass is a dense alloy — made of a combination of copper and zinc –, so a little bit weighs more than you might think. Besides being used in plumbing fixtures and at the end of copper piping, other brass household items might include

  • keys
  • door handles
  • light fixtures
  • bathroom fixtures
  • valves
  • unused decorative items like figurines or candlesticks
  • broken or damaged musical instruments

Some people keep a container (an old trash can or a bin) to throw bits and pieces of valuable household metals such as brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum into for a future trip to the scrap yard. It’s a shame to throw these scraps of metal away to add to our already overburdened landfills when you can simply save it up and drop it off at the scrap yard on Saturday morning and earn a little cash for your trouble!

In the St. Louis area, Scrap Mart Metals is the place to bring your brass and other valuable non-ferrous metals. You can also bring large items like old appliances, which are made of less valuable steel, but will still pay off nicely because of their size and weight. We’ve got a convenient drive-on scale, easy drop-off procedures, and we pay the highest prices for metal in the St. Louis area. So gather up your brass — and any other metal scraps you’d like to recycle and drive on over to Scrap Mart Metals on West Outer Road in Valley Park. And feel free to contact us if you have questions or want to know current payout prices on any metal you’re considering scrapping!