Junk Car Recycling: The Benefits of Getting Scrappy!

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Benefit the Environment and Your Wallet with Junk Car Recycling

Have you often wondered what happens to those old junkers sitting by the side of the road? Or, why you’re asked to turn your jalopy over to a junkyard service? Cars at the end of their driving days have value beyond the road, in the form of recycled spare parts and metal for future use. Salvaging steel saves energy, reduces pollution and turns your trash into cash! Scrap Mart offers customers a certified drive-on scale for ferrous metals and a drive-thru equipped drop-off metal recycling center to quickly assist you with smaller office or home items. With over twenty years of experience, our knowledgeable staff provides quality service in helping each customer receive top dollar payout for their scrap metals.

Saves Energy

Recycling saves in several ways, so much so, that the European Union and the United States each developed environment friendly initiatives, (End of Life Vehicle Directives and Cash for Clunkers), to reduce pollution and preserve resources. Here are some of the positive impacts of recycling:

  • Recycling metal requires less energy than forging new metals.
  • Recycling steel is one of the many ways that certain companies cut down on their fossil fuel use.
  • It keeps steel and other non-ferrous metals out of landfills and gets it back into consumer use.
  • It offers safe disposal of hazardous materials and other chemicals like mercury which are found in some car models before 2003.

Trash into Cash

Your old clunker is not trash, so turn it into cash with junk car recycling! Recently automobiles have become the most frequently recycled consumer good! There are a number of wrecking yards looking to take your car off your hands, and pass the profits back to you. Some repairs exceed the value of your vehicle or require servicing too often. This presents an incentive for reaching out to your local Scrap Mart to discuss driving or towing in your vehicle for recycling.

Out of commission cars still serve a purpose by giving their metal and other parts for future consumer use. It’s a no brainer that reusing materials benefits the environment, and what’s good for Mother Earth is good for everyone! Scrap Mart dedicates time to keeping the environment clean and making sure customers receive the most money for their metals. Check us out for more information and find our friendly staff ready to help you to recycle right!