Why is it so Important to Recycle Old Computers?

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Over the last two decades, computers have gone from clunky to sleek to “barely there” technologies. It’s been a hassle to keep up with ever-changing technology and trying to keep your office spaces up-to-date. Just got a brand new piece of technology for your home or company? Before you weigh down your dumpster by throwing the old one in or¬†adding more waste to a landfill, why not recycle old computers, hard drives, printers, copiers, or fax machines at Scrap Mart Metals? We’ll even pay you for it!

Why is it so important to recycle old computers?

  • Protect yourself: Computer hard drives, cell phones, and other devices can have a lot of sensitive information contained within them; your full identity, passwords, credit card information, and more. Throwing them away means anyone can get their hands on that information.
  • Precious metals: Believe it or not your electronics contain gold. According to this article, “only 10-15 percent of the gold in e-waste is successfully recovered”. Your expired electronics are a great resource that should be taken apart and used for new products.
  • Toxic elements: Lead and mercury are among a number of toxic materials present in electronic waste. Often, our trash is shipped to other countries where these poisons are subsequently, and due to poor processing,¬†released on local populations, causing health risks in many cities and towns throughout the world. At Scrap Mart, we make sure your electronics go through proper processing in order to eliminate this risk.

At Scrap Mart Metals, we know the importance of recycling electronic waste, so we offer you top dollar for all your computers. Pack up your office’s old printers, hard drives, fax machines, and copiers and bring them down to Scrap Mart, you’ll be helping the environment while putting cash in your pocket.