Drive-Thru Aluminum Can Recycling in St. Louis

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Recycling Made Easy with Drive-Thru Aluminum Can Recycling!

We have drive-thru’s for burgers, coffee and even dry cleaning. Why not for aluminum can recycling? If convenience has held you back from helping to reducing landfill waste, you no longer have that excuse. So gather your cans, load up the car and drive-thru your local recycling center with ease. Recycling cans really matters. Here’s why you should do it:

  • 100 billion aluminum cans, on average, are sold in the U.S. annually.
  • About 50% of aluminum cans end up in landfills, meaning about 50 billion every year.
  • 50 billion aluminum cans in the garbage means about 1.5 million tons of extra landfill waste each year.
  • Landfill cans not only contribute to landfill waste but also contribute to industrial pollution because trashed cans have to be replaced with new cans.
  • New cans require virgin materials. Acquiring virgin materials contributes to environmental destruction.
  • Aluminum production from virgin materials emits millions of tons of greenhouse gases annually. Aluminum is a disproportionate polluter, accounting for more than 14% of greenhouse gases of all products manufactured as virgin material based replacement products.

When Can Aluminum Be Recycled?

There is no age limit on old cans. A person can collect cans for weeks or years. It makes no difference.

How Much Is Recycled?

Aluminum is one of the most sustainable metals. It is 100% recyclable. It can also be recycled over and over. It is one of the most easiest metals to recycle. That bag of cans you drop off at the drive-thru will be ready for a retailer’s shelf within 60 days.

Recycle Now

It has never been easier to recycle aluminum cans than it is right now. Whether you are an environmentally aware individual or a business who takes community responsibility seriously, load up and drive-thru at Scrap Mart Metals. Contact us with your questions and find out all the details on why aluminum can recycling can help save the world while putting a little change in your pocket.