Safely Recycling Computers & Electronics In St. Louis

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Recycling Computers and Other Electronics Has Never Been Easier!

Many people who have an old computer or laptop that is no longer used are unsure of what to do with it. Security is usually the primary reason they stuff it away on a shelf in a closet. The average computer user may be unfamiliar with how to wipe a hard drive. This uncertainty that a stranger could access critical personal information often leads many to avoid recycling computers and other electronics.

Preparing The Computer

First take the steps to prepare the computer for recycling by securing sensitive information:

  • Back-up any information you need so you can transfer it to another computer.
  • Delete anything sensitive.
  • Empty the computer’s trash can.
  • Encrypt remaining files. Go into settings and find the options for your system to encrypt, such as “Drive Encryption”, “Bitblocker”, or “FileVault”.
  • Restart after encrypting.
  • Unauthorize any account sharing, such as iTunes or Microsoft Office software.
  • Delete browsing history.
  • Uninstall all programs.
  • Wipe the hard drive with the factory reset option.

Why Choose Recycling

Not only are computers manufactured with materials that will not biodegrade, but there are also many toxins housed within. Rather than destine a landfill for contamination, opt for recycling. Not only will you be doing Earth a favor, but you may also be contributing to helping impoverished people. Many old computer components are refurbished and exported to developing countries. Your old computer can help struggling schools better educate another generation.

Recycle Right

Dirty recycling happens. That is when unscrupulous people scavenge computer parts unethically, exposing others to hazardous toxins, like lead or mercury. Unusable plastic is relegated to landfills. Please contact us for recycling computers and other electronics in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible.