Scrap Mart Metals Makes Cast Iron Recycling Easy

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Cast Iron Recycling In St. Louis Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Cast iron? When you say the word, do you think “skillet,” perhaps? It turns out that cast iron, while not as common as it once was, is still widespread in our communities. There is a thriving market for cast iron recycling in St. Louis. That’s right, if you are looking for cash, or want to help the general cause of recycling, take action gathering up cast iron and selling it to Scrap Mart Metals, trusted regional specialists in metal recycling.

First, check for scrap metal “junk” or other items around your home and yard. Frying pans and dutch oven pots have been made from cast iron for over a century. If you have an old sink or tub, it may be porcelain-coated cast iron. Cast iron is traditional.

Finding and identifying cast iron is easier than locating many materials because it is one of the most identifiable metals around.  Cast iron is a ferrous metal (magnets will stick to it), so by carrying a small magnet you can easily narrow it down to iron and steel. Cast iron is often black in color, though it can be gray. You may spot it in yard or garage sales with some rust stains, or perhaps seriously rusted, confirming that it’s in the iron and steel family. In some situations, you can perform a simple test by dropping a heavy item to see if it cracks or shatters — a dead giveaway when you are trying to figure out exactly what you have. If it doesn’t shatter, but it does attract your small magnet, you can bring it in anyway for expert confirmation. If it does, those broken pieces can be recycled.

Cast iron is all over our towns and cities.  When you are out looking for scrap there are certain items that usually turn out to be recyclable. Cast iron was once the simplest way to create molded metal plumbing shapes in buildings. This includes cast iron bathtubs, sinks of all sizes and older pipes.

It also was favored for heating applications, including those famous skillets.  Old fireplace grates, fireplace tools and radiators from old buildings are often made of cast iron. The fireplace tools are likely to be black, the radiators are often painted, sometimes in a metallic color of paint that may fool the eye.

Bring your collection of cast iron down to Scrap Mart Metals, and drive onto our ferrous metal scale to calculate the pay-out. If you have any questions, get in touch.