Turn Junk into Cash With Fake Christmas Tree Recycling

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Fake Christmas Tree Recycling in St. Louis

Lighted evergreen trees in the dark of winter bring such joy! When your metal tree sees its last Christmas morning, instead of stuffing it into storage or trying to get it taken as trash, give it a new life. Fake Christmas tree recycling is not only practical — it can also put a little jingle in your pocket.

Here at Scrap Mart Metals, our customers recycle non-ferrous metals at our new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center.  We built this center to make it easier than ever to bring in the scrap metal recyclables from your home, business or organization– including any kind of metal Christmas tree.

We have been getting a ton of calls in the past weeks about Christmas lights and old fake Christmas trees that have outlived their glory. Lights and trees can be easily recycled. That’s right, we will take both.

The main questions we are hearing are:

Do I have to take the light bulbs out? The answer is no. We buy them just as they come and same goes for the tree itself.

Do I have to remove anything? No, just bring it on down, just the way it came from the store. It can easily be recycled.

Will it cost me anything?  The answer is no, never. In fact, Scrap Mart offers top dollar payouts for all of your scrap metals. Take a quick look around — you may want to bring in some other no-longer-used metal items when you bring in the tree.

Contact us.  We’ll get that old tree recycled.