Aluminum Siding Recycling Makes Home Remodels Easy!

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How to Get the Most out of Aluminum Siding Recycling

For the home remodeler — whether a DIY weekend warrior or a pro contractor — discarding the scrap materials from the demolition portion of the job turns into a distracting and expensive side project. Removing a stucco wall provides no joy in the cleanup and disposal, for example. But a few building materials are in high demand even when ripped, crushed or twisted. Aluminum siding is a great example of a waste product with enduring value.

Aluminum siding recycling at Scrap Mart Metals offers a rewarding strategy for disposal of torn down siding — whether by the truckload or even by the box of small segments and trimmings. We designed our new drive-through and drop-off non-ferrous metal recycling center so we can offer top dollar payouts for aluminum siding.

Bringing in scrap aluminum siding is easy. One tip that can aid in recycling efficiency is to check for ferrous or non-ferrous metal.  Ferrous is just a word for metal with iron in it, so you can easily detect ferrous metal with any magnet.  If you pull down a gutter with the aluminum siding, for example, it’s a simple matter to check to see if a magnet — even something as simple as a souvenir refrigerator magnet — will cling to it. Window frames, gutters and downspouts are often made of aluminum, so after the magnet check, bring them in with the siding. Prioritize your aluminum scrap materials first, and put ferrous scraps into a side collection to take to a different part of our facility.  This makes the process as efficient and rewarding as possible.

No matter what your level of experience with recycling, we’re happy to assist you in determining what you have.  We work with businesses, homeowners and even organizations that do scrap fundraising drives. We enjoy helping people learn that recycling can pay off in many ways beyond protecting the planet we all love. Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have about scrap metals from your remodeling or tear-down project.