Recycling Your Car Batteries

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Get Paid to Get Rid of Old Car Batteries

Did you know that car batteries are the most recycled items in the United States? Vehicle batteries contain various materials that can be recycled, including plastic, lead, and electrolyte. These materials can all be taken from a previously used battery and repurposed into new products or even a new battery. In fact, most batteries on the market today are made of previously recycled parts. Plastic and lead can be recycled over and over again, contributing to a healthier world.

Recycling a battery is great for the environment, just like other kinds of recycling. Keeping vehicle batteries out of landfills not only conserves space, but it also keeps the lead from contaminating the soil, keeping it safe for plants and animals.

If the environmental benefits weren’t enough to convince you, keep in mind that using recycled parts helps to cut the costs of manufacturing new vehicle batteries. This benefits the consumer in two ways: the new batteries cost less because the materials are being efficiently reused, and the consumer gets paid for bringing the old battery in to the facility.  It’s a win-win!

Scrap Mart Metals is a licensed recycling facility for vehicle batteries. Not only do they pay you for your old car and marine batteries, but it couldn’t be easier! They have a drive-thru facility; just put the batteries in your trunk and drive over! You won’t even have to get out of your car.

For any questions about recycling your car battery, contact us. We’re happy to serve you!