It’s a classic scene from a classic film: three office workers take their dysfunctional printer out into a field and proceed to destroy it with kicks and baseball bats, set in slow motion to mid-’90s hip hop. This vignette from Office Space gave cathartic voice to office workers everywhere, simmering with frustration (and sometimes, outright rage) at their printers, copiers, and fax machines, which seemed bent on making every work day an exercise in technological warfare.

If you’re feeling similar emotions toward your aging office hardware, it may be tempting to go the Office Space route and take your fax machine out back to smash it into pieces. We don’t doubt that would feel good. But there’s another option, which we guarantee you’ll feel better about for much longer than it takes to put your baseball bat away: copy & fax machine recycling in St. Louis allows you to get rid of old office machines, make some extra cash for your business, and know that your equipment is being disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Thinking of just throwing your old fax machine in the Dumpster? First, consider Mother Earth. When you dispose of office machines in landfills, hazardous toxins like lead and mercury can leach out into the water supply. And when you choose a disposal company without much experience, they might not handle your materials properly and expose their workers or the environment to those toxic substances.

Scrap Mart Metals has been recycling metals in the St. Louis area for years, which means you can trust us to recycle your old printer, copier, or fax machine responsibly. You’ll also know that you’re getting top dollar for anything you drop off with us. Smashing the copier with a baseball bat might feel good in the moment, but won’t you love knowing you made the responsible (and lucrative) choice?

Contact us with any questions you have about recycling your computer, printer, copier, or fax machine, or any other materials from your home or business.