Recycling brass is a great way to get some money out of old objects that have been sitting around taking up space. This is especially true if these brass recycling products are not inĀ great condition and may be too troublesome to sell.

What common items may contain brass that you can sell? Some things to look for include pipe, valves, shell casings from a rifle or pistol, parts of old doors that are off their hinges, and all types of zippers. Brass is also frequently present in small furnishings like lamps.

What affects the price of scrap brass? There are different grades and alloys, and the quantity of brass in an alloy plus the difficulty of extracting it may have an impact on the price you are offered for it. Brass is also susceptible to certain forms of damage that can lower its value. For example, it can crack under stress, something that is not uncommon to see with old shell casings. Shell casings are more valuable if they are intact and can be reloaded. It’s also possible for normal brass to corrode. Cleaning corrosion from brass and separating it as much as possible from other materials before bringing it in will help to get you a better offer.

Prices for brass are affected by global commodities markets as well as local supply and demand factors, and therefore will fluctuate over time. When you bring your brass in for recycling to Scrap Mart Metals, you can rest assured you are getting the best offer for it in the St. Louis area, however. Contact us with any questions you may have!