What to Do After Selling Us Your Junk Car

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We’ll Give Top Dollar For Your Junk Car at Scrap Mart Metals!

It’s so easy. When you bring in a car to our facility, we value it on the spot and give you the proceeds. Since 2011, we’ve taken great pride in making the process fair and simple. Drive it in, push it in or have it towed. We provide superior service, and you walk away with top dollar for bringing in your old ride.

You may have heard ads about donating cars to charities, running or not. What you may not know is how much of your former ride’s value will go to make things better for those who need a helping hand, and how much goes to advertising budgets. That’s not easy to determine, but we know major advertising isn’t cheap. When you sell your car to us, you are in control of what to do with the proceeds. Here are a few great options:

  • If those ads have tugged at your heartstrings, why not personally send the proceeds to your own favorite cause? Simply choose what cause means the most to you, and who will use your donation best. Give all or just half, you are still probably making a more effective gift than some highly advertised alternatives. Take charge of your generosity after getting a great deal from us.
  • Use the funds for something you or your family needs. We get it, there are times when charity really needs to begin at home.
  • Splurge a little.  Depending on the vehicle, you may have a great weekend or a major wish-list purchase in store after dropping off that sad car, running or not.
  • Save for a bigger dream. Pop this into your savings account for that most excellent car or home you plan on getting someday. Maybe that’s the best gift your old junker can give you.

Whatever you decide to do with the cash, contact us for details on how to make recycling your car a painless and rewarding experience. We are proud to be the best in St. Louis, and you deserve only the best.