Get Rid of That Junk Car Today

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Looking For A Place To Get Rid Of Your Junk Car? Look No Further!

It was your epic ride for a long time.  Or maybe it was a lemon from day one. When your car finally gives up the ghost, or just isn’t worth trying to sell second-hand, suddenly it no longer matters how you felt about driving it. You need to ditch it now. We can recycle any vehicle safely and put some cash in your pocket, too. Sell us your junk car, and exchange that annoyance for something to spend.

We continually buy all shapes, makes and models of automobiles, whether running poorly or not at all. It doesn’t matter to us whether you bring the car in via tow-truck, drive it in casually, or rope your friends into hand-pushing it up the driveway. We won’t blink. You can be sure that we’ve seen much sadder junkers come in.

Once you get the vehicle to us, we will look over the car to determine our course of action, and get right to work. We always make sure nothing gets wasted, and we take full responsibility for ensuring that none of each car’s toxic fluids get released into the St. Louis air, water, or soil. You can breathe easy, knowing that you did the right thing by your old car, your community and your personal cash flow.

Bringing your junk car to us is the easiest way to get that clunker off your mind, once and for all. Contact us with any questions you have about the process, or simply drive, tow, or shove it on in so we can take a look at the shape its in.